We're really excited to get to know you! Please answer the following questions and we'll reach out to schedule a first interview.

University Attending/Attended

Graduation date





Here are some open-ended questions that help us get a sense of what's important to you and where you are...

How/why did you choose the school you went to?

How/why did you choose your major/minor? If you could go back, would you choose something else? Why or why not?

Outside your major, what was the most interesting class you took? Why?

If you had any smaller seminar classes, rate your skill & likelihood to contribute to group discussions.

1 for 'I stay silent'; 10 for 'I can't shutup'

How did you spend your summers?

What experience over the past few years shaped you most? Why?

What do you regret most?

What did college actually teach you?

Let's play a campfire game. You have nine 'career' lives; you get to allocate one or more to specific jobs you find interesting or intriguing with no connection to salary or future or success. Spend all nine. What are they?

What's the first really hard work you did as a kid?

Rate yourself on an introverted vs. extroverted scale. Be honest: this is a self-awareness exercise, not an attempt to attract one over the other.

1 is supremely introverted; 10 is supremely extroverted.

What superlative do you think your friends would give you?

example: most likely to speak their mind
What do you wish they'd say?

example: most fearless
Bonus: record a 2-3 minute video explaining why the FTB residency sounds intriguing. What 'nerve' did we strike that rings true for you? What would you hope to learn?

Production quality not important; imagine you're sending us a snap. This is optional but encouraged.
Thanks for taking the time to apply & be thoughtful with your answers. We'll be in touch soon!
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